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Yoga For Kids

At Life Spring Yoga we understand the growing age challenges faced by children. Yoga for kids program is designed to enhance the inner strength of children and prepare their bodies to deal with the physical efforts expected by them to deal with the race of life.

Life Spring Yoga has a very comprehensive approach to a healthy life. We have not restricted the benefits of yoga and wellness services to a certain age. We custom make the programs and develop yoga programs for kids. Dr. Ritesh Patel’s years of study, practice, and knowledge in the yoga and wellness services are reflected in all the yoga programs. He adds the ancient tradition of yoga health and its underlying philosophy in a way that the outcome of the program is dignified. He has years of experience as a yoga teacher trainer and his trained instructors have experienced the benefits of Yoga and Mindful awareness.
Understanding the growing age challenges faced by children the yoga for kids programs are planned. The continuous practice of these yoga asanas reflects the enhanced inner strength of kids by preparing their bodies to deal with the physical efforts expected by them to deal with the race of life.

We have distributed the age groups and we plan our programs accordingly. For instance, the first few years of life are a time of amazing physical changes. Our Mom and Me courses help the children and mother to enjoy this growth period. Dr. Ritesh Patel’s advice on the diet helps the physical growth of the child and his spiritual knowledge help kids in emotional and congenital development. Alike the above, the puberty period and the late adolescents are also not left untouched.

So if you are planning the healthy growth and development of your kids and you are looking forward to strengthen him mentally and physically call us today or write us.