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Yoga For Students

One of the most important wings of a student’s life is “Abhayasa” which means “Practice”. We all have grown listening to the proverb “Practice makes a man perfect”. Yoga for students helps developing an attitude of consistent performance. It helps to understand the importance of consistent efforts towards the goal.

From toddlers to seniors excelling towards the goals in their life are loaded with the pressure of exams and competitions. Hence stress becomes the hidden obstacle to their academic achievements. Research says after seven weeks of practicing asanas, breathing exercises, and meditation, the student’s yoga has registered lower stress levels and higher academic performance. Practicing yoga regularly helps students to enhance their memory. While the research was carried on a group of children trained in asanas, breathing exercises, meditation, and cleansing rituals for 10days. The result showed 43 percent improvement in spatial memory test scores in the yoga group.

Life Spring Yoga Institute we have special batches for students. Here we group the children with their requirements and practice the required asanas. In today’s fast life junk food has taken over a large part of our eating habits. This has resulted in obesity and hence the lack of discipline in eating habits. In 2018 we had successfully catered a special batch for children looking forward to the solutions to obesity. The results were remarkable. Yoga does not just help in reducing the weight but its regular practice helps the students to acquire a correct eating discipline. This special yoga workshop for students catered to the solutions to obesity for this group of students. Dr.Ritesh Patel’s diet chart escalated the results of this yoga workshop. LifeSpring Yoga Institute serves the ultimate purpose of a healthy mind and healthy body with its yoga classes.