Yoga Teacher Training Course - Testimonial

The yoga teaching at Life spring institute is very much recommendable as the knowledge of the tutor Mr. Ritesh Patel Sir is commendable. His command over the subject is very strong and deep. Learning yoga at Life spring was an amazing experience throughout the course duration.The very minute details about yoga, physically as well as mentally have been taught at Life spring in a very decent manner. All these have made an increment in my basic as well as professional knowledge regarding yoga. Thanks to Ritesh Patel Sir and his team for the great support and for the overall wonderful yogic experience.

I had enrolled myself for the Yoga Instructor’s Course in the Life Spring Yoga Institute, and the experience was way wonderful than expected. The mentor (Dr. Ritesh Patel) taught us the basics of yogic practice very well. One of the best institution for gaining yogic knowledge and practicing yoga in it’s root form in Vadodara.


Thank you Riteshsir and team at Life Spring! Due to pandemic, I had the opportunity to do my training online. Riteshsir provided vast knowledge from functional yoga anatomy, to sutras and sloks and ofcourse the paths of yoga that made me to think and feel yoga outside our asanas!! Riteshsir has definitely been a value addition. ​


Most effective sessions all the time. Build up lots of confidence.. your class always feels very thoughtful . Whether in the form of myths or teaching us sankrit, I feel like it deepens my learning and increasing my curiosity to learn more. I look forward to learn more and more from you. Thank you sir.


I did my YIC course under guidance of Ritesh sir .Perfectly tailored course for aspiring trainers..Could not find a better mentor , also the place has so much positivity and calmness .Even after course sir is always clear our doubts and queries which is the best part.thank you so much sir for your guidance


I recently completed Yoga instructor course from life spring yoga institute, and I must say that it has been an amazing journey. The syllables is detailed and comprehensive. The course is tailored in highly effecient way ,it covers everything from yoga philosophy to human anatomy. We did get to practice mantras and shlokas in correct way as well.
Both the teachers are phenomenal, their way of teaching and enthusiasm makes the subject even more interesting. Each and every minute details about asana, pranayama and meditation has delivered to us.
It is indeed a life changing experience,, highly recommend life spring to everyone for their future yogic venture.


It has been a wonderful journey with Ritesh sir and Karan sir. This integrated programme has definitely processed transition at physical, mental, social, intellectual and spiritual level. It not only contains detailed teaching of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Kriyas, But it also reintroduces our own indian treasure and yoga culture full of knowledge and keep us motivated to go through yoga philosophy. Apart from Asana and Pranayama, knowledge shared by the team regarding anatomy, disease and stress; Great books , lateral reading and thinking; teaching experience; all together has developed a better strength and sense of equanimity in me as well in the family. Very methodical, structured course has been offered by Dr. Ritesh sir and S-Vyasa . Punctuality, dedication , politeness, knowledge, repeated efforts for students are the best part of mentors of this institute. I am heartily grateful to my mentors . Thank you so very much Ritesh sir and Karan sir.


I am Dr Shweta Shah ( obstetrician and gynaecologist) from Vadodara . I was a student of 18 th batch of YIC. I sincerely express my gratitude to Dr Ritesh Sir for his in depth knowledge and dedicated teaching skills about yog!



Yoga Teacher Training Course – 2023-24.
International Yoga Teacher Trainer 

– DR. Ritesh Patel

I recently completed my yoga teacher training course from life spring. I got to learn beginners as well as , various pranayama techniques, cleaning kariya. Great place to learn & understand yoga scientifically. Perfectly tailored course for aspiring trainers, could not find a better mentor, also the place has so much positivity and calmness. Even after course SIR is always available to clear our doubts & queries. Which is the best part. Thank you so much Ritesh sir & Karan sir your guidance. Dr Ritesh Patel sir is an ideal teacher & I totally recommend this class to everyone.


Life Spring Yoga is one of the best institutes in Vadodara to learn yoga with correct methods and techniques. I did my YIC from Ritesh sir and the entire experience was so amazing. The best thing about this institute is their concepts. “Yoga is not just about doing asanas but it is a way of living to regulate our minds.” This is the basic fundamental they teach here. Posture correction with anatomy knowledge is cherry on the top. Am so grateful that I got to experience yoga from Life Spring team. 

Continously upgrading and learning. Dr. Ritesh Patel

How engaging/activating/using all the muscles at one time could make such a big difference in overall posture of my asana , particularly my knee and shoulder felt more firmer ,stronger, engaged, balanced with each session !! Hope to see more of such insightful and knowledgeable workshops in future !! My best wishes are always with you Ritesh bhaiya 🙏🏼!! Keep growing !! Keep shining !!


If I just have to describe my experience here i would say… Life changing..
I just finished my yoga instructor course but it feels like a beginning.. my whole understanding of yoga has got new meaning.. n I wish to continue learning with amazing mentors here. Ritesh sir n karan sir have made learning so smooth n effortless here.
I will always b greatful that I got a chance to be a part of this institution


When I have joined the LIFE SPRING YOGA institute, I don’t know the ABCD of Yoga. But when I met with Dr. Ritesh I feel that my waiting is over for searching of perfect TEACHER. Dr. Ritesh teaches us how physically, Mentally Strong and Flexible in the YOGIC way from students to INSTRUCTOR. The perfect environment of yoga practice at Life Spring. The course offered during training is very helpful. Great Teaching skills of Dr. Ritesh to teach us self learning as well as how to teach others as instructor. Thanks for being your student. Thank you so much @Dr. Ritesh Sir


One of the best places to do teacher training course in India. Completed my YIC in 2016 with Dr. Ritesh Patel. The best part of YIC was proper explanation of yogic literature and muscle anatomy, which really makes you a bit different from other teachers and helped me to start a career as a yoga teacher in Romania, which not only helped me to pay my international student fees, but helped to save some money as well. I have also done Yoga Therapy teacher training course with LifeSprings in 2018 and after completing that course I only went ahead in my career. Learning Yoga and its implications from scientific and medical point of view with Dr. Ritesh was always a plus for me


I recently completed my Yoga teachers training and I was amazed every single day of the training as I learnt the concepts covered in a beautifully structured and thoughtful manner. Ritesh sir delivered five fold more than what is offered in a normal YTT. I joined more for the asana part but I was totally converted into loving yoga philosophy and utilising it every single day of my life now after completion of course. I would say, it was not a in course which had a one dimensional
impact on me but the level to which this course has influenced me has led to actually change the direction of my life.
Yoga philosophy I learnt was something I was researching about but got them all clarified in this course. Yoga Anatomy was detailed and left such an impression on my mind that I now think of my body in a completely different light. Yoga will be embedded in my life path and I will take immense pleasure in spreading the word to as many as I can. Such has been the permanent imprint on my mind which I love to develop every single day. Sir added components just so that we could be become better teachers. I would say, sir did not leave any stone unturned to impart this jewel of Yoga knowledge and I am immensely thankful to the enthusiasm with which sir teaches yoga so that it becomes a part of our psyche. I could clearly see how yoga concepts of Karma yoga was always practised during the teaching process making it even more experiential for to learn from and appply in our work lives.
I can keep writing but I want to wrap up and lastly say, if you have a chance to do Yoga teachers training with Rites sir, don’t miss it, as this is more than a golden opportunity which can bring so much light to your life that you will be grateful to god that you took this decision.