Fundamentals of Yogasana Practice

Duration: 8 hours
Details: Body to Soul: Mastering Yoga Asana for Teaching

Experience the integration of body, mind, and breath in every posture and delve into the meditative aspect of yoga through the Fundamentals of Yogasana Practice workshop. This workshop focuses on subtle alignments at the physical level, deep awareness at the mental level, and creating ample space for breath. By practicing asanas in a specific way, we can achieve these objectives.

All asana practices are designed to bring progress and transformation to the practitioner’s life. Through this workshop, we will explore how engaging the physical aspect of life can lead to reaching higher levels of consciousness.

The workshop includes intensive yogasana practice that incorporates various subtle aspects of asanas. We will explore alignments, breath work, sensory awareness, body cavities, symmetry, focus, muscular engagement, joint movements, awakening, and recruitment techniques.

The workshop covers:

  • Standing asanas
  • Sitting asanas
  • Prone asanas
  • Supine asanas
  • Inversion asanas
  • Balancing asanas

Why Join This Workshop:

  • Explore the soul through the body: Experience the profound connection between your physical and spiritual aspects through asana practice for personal growth and teaching enhancement.
  • Skill development: Learn to connect the musculoskeletal system with the respiratory and nervous systems, understanding the holistic nature of yoga practice.
  • Injury prevention: Gain knowledge on how to prevent injuries during yoga asana practice through proper alignment and mindful movement.
  • Optimal functioning and healing: Create an environment that supports optimal physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through asana practice.
  • Subtle teaching skills: Develop the ability to guide students in experiencing asanas at a deeper level, allowing them to derive maximum yogic benefits.
  • Foundation for yoga therapy: Lay the groundwork for yoga therapy by gaining a deep understanding of the body’s movements, alignments, muscle engagement, breathwork, and awareness.

Suggested For:

Yoga instructors, teachers, and seasoned practitioners who want to deepen their understanding of asanas, refine their teaching skills, and expand their knowledge of the body-mind connection in yoga practice.

Join this transformative workshop to explore the essence of yogasana practice and enhance your teaching and personal practice.