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Hello,myself ,Lata Gole.
I am 69 years old ,l have been with Life Spring yoga Services since last 12 years & very happy. I am thankful to Dr.Ritesh Sir & Poonam Ma’am I value their teaching. They teach according to your level.we get therapeutic help also if we need. We get to do different excercises everyday . Since end of March ,in Covid situation ,they r conducting online yoga classes. , which is very valuable for lowering stress level & maintaining physical fitness.
In addition to help mental stress ,they r having Pranayama & Meditation sessions in the morning & evening ,so people can attend according to their schedules.
Thanks so much ,Ritesh Sir ,Poonam Ma’am & Sanjay Sir for being such an amazing & inspirational teacher.
Fully admire u all.

I have been going to this place Since 5 years. It has been always great to do Yoga here. Now it has moved to Online due to pandemic situation but still I am able have personal attention and regular innovation in Yoga session online. Sanjayji and Hiteshji are great Yoga Teachers and I appreciate their personal fitness and also ability to Guide. I fully recommend others to join if you looking for good guidance on Yoga.

I started practicing my Yoga training practices with Life Spring Yoga services almost 10 years back and even today I am practicing my Yoga with life Spring. I am committed to the training and services provided by Dr. Ritesh sir and enjoy the way he teaches. Besides his gentle gentle, caring, lovely nature Dr. Ritesh has been the most diverse teacher I have ever come across. Each class was filled with new positions and new teachings which always kept the classes fresh and exciting. After every class I always felt like I had improved my yoga. I will continue to practice my Yoga session with Life Spring Yoga only and take this opportunity to thank and wish all the very best to the Life Spring Yoga team. Even during this period of pandemic, Life spring arranged for online training for yoga and also for meditation and Pranayam. This really helped us in getting relaxed during this challenging period

I have joined this institute when everything was manageable by me but my stresslevel and inner disturbances were at the peak, my inner peace was almost lost and I was almost broken. I was in search of the moments in which I can live with myself, I can love myself, I can listen the voice of my heart and I can spend few moments everyday with myself. I was about to feel that now I would not be able to fight for some justice, I would not be able to manage my responsibilities, but before that I join this institute.
It was amazing experience . I could see drastic change in my life. I started to live with great confidence, enthusiasm in and feeling much more energetic. The atmosphere, vibes and aura surrounding me in this institute really proved that one can be strong and happy forever from inner soul by the help of yoga. I am very very heartily thankful to my yoga guru Shri Ritesh sir for being a part of my life and teach me how to cope up with the worst situation of life and to stay positive. I am also very thankful to poonam maam and all the members of this institute .Thank you so much sir

I have been doing yoga in life spring for 12 yrs. I had joined yoga for PCOD. I got a positive result. About life spring centre, it has a well qualified and respected trainers team. They take care of each & every members through their services… Even in the lockdown time, they conducted online yoga classes. They also arranged the Pranayam n meditation online classes. All these efforts make us healthy. 😀That’s why I’m still continuing. Really thankful to all the respected teachers of Life Spring 🙏Especially to Poonam ma’am and Ritesh sir 🙏


Yoga Classes (Online/Offline)

By International Yoga Teacher Trainer 


Being a Yoga practitioner at ‘Life Spring Wellness Yoga Institute’ for a span of almost 10 years now, itself speaks volumes about the quality of services the institute renders.

With Dr. Ritesh Patel & Poonam Ma’m at the helm, the ambience at Life Spring is warm and welcoming that genetates a positive vibe to workout while at yoga classes in Vadodara. Yoga here, is taught in its true sense – not restricted to just Asanas/postures but the invaluable verbal guidance in addition assists in unfolding the infinite potential of the mind, body and soul, making each session, a superlative experience!

All teachers, besides being well qualified, are friendly and supportive. Whether you are a beginner or an old timer, they focus equally on your postures give time and guide you skilfully. The lessons are calm, injury-free and the teachers establish a peaceful tone throughout with their precise instructions. The variations in Asana and Pranayama practices throughout the week are noteworthy. What is most remarkable is, special care is taken to avoid postures that may aggravate any pain / injury one has. Overall, a most sincere, responsible and caring Yoga Centre that is amazing and a safe place to practice.

Furthermore, owing to the ongoing Covid crisis, the manner in which Life Spring is conducting and coordinating Yoga, Pranayama & meditation sessions every single day (since 5 months) thru a virtually interactive platform, reaffirms my faith and I take pleasure in wholeheartedly recommending Life Spring Wellness a One of its kind Institute to be, for enriching your life.


I have been a regular yoga practitioner with Lifespring since mid-2010. I find all their yoga teachers extremely well trained and willing to individually adapt practise to students with age or injury issues. Dr Ritesh Patel, a trained Ayurvedic doctor, has excellent understanding of anatomy and knows his subject very well. He makes sure that himself as well as his teachers are continuously updated on the latest practises beneficial to their students. Excellent!

I am 53 years old and have been a member of the yoga institute since last four years. I have felt a great difference in life because of regular yoga. I went through menopause without a glitch. With continued efforts from Poonam madam, Ritesh sir and Sanjay sir, we have stood string in turbulent times of Covid; when our classes have continued online and we haven’t missed a single online session. This has greatly helped in building immunity and we all really appreciate the undeterred dedication of all our yoga teachers. Thanks to Life Spring team

Life spring is a best yoga center !! It was a good learning experience to get good foundations of the basic yogic principles. The course is great and it can improve my yoga knowledge. This is an amazing experience for me. Masters are very friendly, patient and helpful, they all have very good teaching technique. This course allow me to have deeply knowledge in yoga. I learn how to practice by myself, and how to teach basic postures, also the benefits of each posture, breathing techniques, yoga history…. Thank you so much! Specially @ritish sir 🙏 even the class was conducted smoothly under tough COVID situation too. Thanks again @Ritish sir 😊😊