Vadodara yoga

Master the Sun Salutation

Duration: 8 hours


Sun salutation –    A master  Practice

Sun salutation is the one of fundamental practice of Yoga asana. Everybody who does yoga come across Sun Salutation.  Being a teacher how wonderful it is to master this practice in such a way that participants can take maximum benefits from the practice of Sun Salutation.  This workshop we are going to do the same, knowing and practicing Sun Salutation from all the possible aspects.

All the possibilities within sun salutations like

  • Sun salutation as Asana flow, pranayama and Meditation.
  • Sun salutation to improve flexibility, muscle endurance and cardiovascular endurance.
  • Anatomical deconstruction, assessment
  • Correction of Sun salutation.– Correction of errors and prevention of Injuries in Sun salutation.

Mantras, chakras and meditation within Sun salutation

Why Join This Workshop:
The expertise of all the possibilities around Sun salutation for yoga professionals and practitioners.

Suggested For:

Yoga instructors and yoga teachers and long-term Sun Salutation practitioners