Functional Anatomy of Yoga asana

Benefits of Joining:

  1. Sharing 20 years of knowledge and experience: Learn from an instructor with extensive experience and gain insights that can help you avoid common mistakes made by many yoga teachers.
  2. Injury-proof Yoga Asana practice: Understand the functional anatomy behind yoga asanas to ensure a safe and effective practice that minimizes the risk of injuries.
  3. Developing x-ray vision: Enhance your ability to observe and analyze beyond the external movements, gaining a deeper understanding of the body’s mechanics during asana practice.
  4. Knowledge about human body structure as it applies to Asana practice: Explore the intricacies of the human body and its relevance to different yoga asanas, enabling you to provide tailored solutions to practitioners based on their limitations and strengths.
  5. Immediate improvement in Asana teaching skills: Enhance your teaching abilities and refine your instruction techniques, enabling you to provide a better learning experience to your students.
  6. Bridge between traditional yoga concepts and modern science-based concepts: Gain a comprehensive understanding of both traditional yogic principles and modern scientific perspectives, merging the best of both worlds.
  7. Career enhancement: Acquire valuable knowledge and skills that can propel your career as a yoga teacher and set you apart from others in the field.
  8. Strong foundation for therapeutic yoga: Build a solid foundation for understanding the therapeutic aspects of yoga, enabling you to work with individuals with specific health concerns or conditions.
  9. Communication with other healthcare professionals: Learn the language and terminology necessary to effectively communicate with other healthcare professionals, facilitating collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches to well-being.
  10. Access to a well-structured and defined course material: Benefit from a comprehensive course material that covers essential topics and serves as a valuable reference in your ongoing practice and teaching.

Recommended for:

Yoga teachers and practitioners who wish to deepen their knowledge of functional anatomy as it relates to yoga asanas. Whether you are looking to enhance your teaching skills, prevent injuries, or expand your understanding of the human body in relation to yoga, this workshop provides valuable insights and practical tools to support your growth and development.

Join this professional development workshop and embark on a transformative journey of understanding the functional anatomy of yoga asanas.