Vadodara yoga

Injury Prevention In Yogasana Practice

Duration: 10 hours


Workshop explains the details about Injury prevention in asana practice. Dynamic and advance yogasana practices are very common nowadays and worldwide. When this is done repeatedly without knowing and mastering the movements, injuries are bound to come. This workshop will equip us with the skills  to prevent injuries in asana practice.  Will help to execute asanas practice with safety (without injuries) on different age groups of different age and different populations groups.  In group class how to prevent injuries will be discussed in this workshop.

Includes: 8 Hrs
Types of  Injuries in asana practice, causes of injuries in Wrong movements in asana practice.  Acute and chronic injuries in asana practice.  Right versus wrong movements in asana practice. How to Screen wrong movements in a group class and their corrections.

Why Join This Workshop:

Screening injuries, Developing injury-proof modules, x-ray vision to know injury-prone movements,  observe wrong movements in your class and skill to correct the wrong movements.  Instructions to prevent injuries.

Suggested For:
Yoga Instructors and Yoga Teachers.