Vadodara yoga

Yoga Workshop - Breath Assessment and Correction

Duration: 4 hours


Yoga Workshop on Breath Assessment and correction 

Breath is the important tool to achieve the goal of yoga. And breath assessment  yoga workshop is aimed at a fundamental aspect of our existence which we call breath. 

 Breath is an integral part of yoga practice.  It gives a huge opportunity to yoga professionals to work on body and mind using it as a tool.  Breath is a reflection of our body and mind. If we know it well, we can ensure the improvement in the state of a person in respect to health, stress management, working performance, work-life balance etc.


Why – Breath assessment and correction

  • Assessments procedure and techniques
  • Breath correction
  • Breathing methods
  • Breath management in routine.

Suggested For:
Yoga professionals and people who want to understand and know about breathing. Know more about the Yoga Workshops conducted by Life Spring Yoga Institute.