Advanced Yoga Workshop

Introducing our exclusive Advanced Yoga Workshop, designed specifically for yoga practitioners who have completed their basic courses. These workshops are meticulously curated by Dr. Ritesh Patel, leveraging his extensive 21 years of experience in the field.

By participating in these courses, students gain the necessary tools and guidance to confidently navigate intricate postures, ensuring both their own safety and that of their future students. Dr. Patel’s expertise and personalized approach empower aspiring yoga teachers to overcome their hesitations, fostering their growth and development in the field.

:: Functional Anatomy of Yoga Asana – A Professional Development Workshop
:: Fundamentals of Yogasana Practice Workshop
:: Fundamentals of Meditation Workshop
:: Injury Prevention in Yogasana Practice Workshop
:: Mastering the Sun Salutation Workshop
:: Breath Mastery Workshop: Assess and Correct Your Breath
:: Pre and Post Assessment in Yoga Practice – 4 Hours
:: Yoga therapy and back pain management
:: Yoga therapy Hypertension management
:: Yoga and Stress Management 4 Hours
:: Yoga therapy for Diabetes management 8 Hours
:: Yogasana back bending workshop 8 Hours
:: Yogasana Arm balancing workshop