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Yoga For Creativity

Creativity is the deep intelligence in you hidden in you. Living our social responsibilities and following our duties we ignorantly participate in the race of performing our best in the material world. This blind performance when it fails to find its own likes and dislikes yoga helps to bridge them and live the peace. Yoga for creativity is not a miracle or a test for you to implement for a few days and deny the results. Yoga is a lifestyle that leads you to your ultimate path.

At Life Spring Yoga Institute, we focus on the ultimate requirement of Yoga for the individual body. The batch of 10 practitioners is tailor-made understanding their demography, social and professional activities. In every batch, asana is performed to match their individual requirement. We are located in the heart of Vadodara city but still, our ambiance helps our students and practitioners to enjoy the true essence of yoga in mid peace and calm surrounding. All our Yoga practices our followed under the surveillance of Dr.Ritesh Patel. His 15000+ hours of workshop experience clearly defines the individual requirement of the student’s mind and body.

Join our yoga for creativity programs and live the bliss of yoga to explore the untouched colors of your own infinite world. This journey with self will help you to find the creative self of yours hence enhance your personality. Dr.Ritesh Patel has also been an excellent mentor to Yoga Teachers Training Courses. You can also opt for your career as a Yoga Teacher in our yoga institute.