My Journey As a Yoga Teacher Trainer

Admiring our family doctor Dr. Oza, I was 11 whenI practiced my first asana “Mayurasana”. He uses to visit us on the weekends inhostel Jawahar Navodaya Vidhyalaya Ramkhiriya – Panna. No sooner thisexperience left me alone and  I againmeet yoga when it was included in our daily morning physical training sessions.I remember Sri. K. P Agnihotri who was our language teacher and a yogapractitioner, he inspired me a lot and slowly yoga became a part of my morningroutine.

Books and spiritual knowledge played a huge partin my daily routines. The school library helped me to choose books on greatpeople like Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa. This I believe created a yogicculture of my living seeding the foundation for yoga. Honestly by this time Iwas not aware of my journey ahead. My actual journey with yoga began in 1999when my natural love for yoga made me choose my 1st Yoga Teacher TrainingCourse. This was the time when I was pursuing my graduation in Ayurveda, (Gwalior).

This was the time I was living yoga andexperiencing my natural inclination towards it. I found it as a very naturalpart of life. It was this period when I could co-relate my past incident andphilosophical foundation that organically became a part of my personality.Since then yoga is my inseparable companion. I am thankful for almighty forbeing fortunate to get opportunities ahead to skill me further in this fieldand serve this love to the community too.

In the first Institute, under Sri Anil Sarole Ji(my yoga master) I got ample of opportunities to understand and apply thephilosophy of yoga ( based on ideas of Swami Vivekananda ).  After completing the residential courseI  started volunteering in the sameinstitute as it was an organization working for social causes on the principlesof Yoga. I began taking yoga sessions in various places representing ourInstitute Vivekanand  Kendra,Needam.   Some places were Ordnancefactory Itararsi, Central Jail Gwalior, Cancer hospital Gwalior, Schools,  personality development Yoga camps for kidsand youth are the few. I continued my yoga studies with Diploma in yoga andnaturopathy from the same institute full of hands-on training for yoga as atherapy. Finishing my degree (BAMS) in Ayurveda I studied working as  an Ayurvedic consultant in Arogyadhama JRDTata Research Institute for Ayurveda, yoga, and naturopathy in Chitrakoot(founded by Bharat Ratna late  Sri NanajiDeshmukh ( Here my knowledge andexperience of Ayurveda, yoga, and naturopathy got enriched to a differentlevel. It was a unique opportunity to use the skills of these subjects onpatients.  I was treating patients in anindoor facility.  The effect of yoga onpatients suffering from different disorders was promising. where Ayurveda andNaturopathy worked on physical aspects, yoga therapy was taking care of themental part to create a perfect environment of healing. Carrying promisingexperience and skills from this institute, I joined Divya yoga mandir trust kanakhal Haridwar ( Established by YogaGuru Swami Ramdev Maharaj) Working in the OPD center in Vadodara Gujarat as anAyurveda and yoga consultant I realized the Actual power of yoga as medicine.My belief in yoga deepened very much for its potential to prevent and manage atall stages of most chronic physical and mental disorders.

My natural inclination towards yoga and Poonam’s(my better half) companionship and dedication for fitness helped us to findLife Spring Wellness Center and Life Spring Yoga Institute. Further I have developedmyself as an established Yoga Teacher Trainer and Yoga Therapy Teacher Trainerand believe me coaching is a new journey to learning as a Yoga TeacherInstructor.