Yoga has a high spiritual value and is more than exercise. Hence yoga is not just an exercise and a yoga class needs to be disciplined and correct in all aspects. When in a yoga studio, typical gym rules do not apply. As this is not just a workout – but also a spiritual and meditative practice. It takes place in small, warm rooms that can get crowded, sweaty and even emotional.

Arrive on time

Generally, the yoga studio is lenient towards the students. Not all studios take a precaution, but walking in late not just disturbs the class but also effects your habits. If you are practitioner you can think how distracting and disturbing it would be for you when the instructors begin with a quiet meditation and someone walks in. Aim to get into the room five-to-10 minutes before class starts as it gives you a chance to set up your mat and props and wind down a little. It also normalizes your breath and your body adapts the room and becomes aware of it.

Remove your shoes and socks

The ideal way to practice yoga is with bare feet. Most yoga studios prefer to keep the shoes in the lobby or in an area close to the studio entrance. It is again important that you place these shoes in the discipline.

Avoid Electronics

In this modern era we all have inculcated the habit of living with cell phones. Hence it is suggested to avoid chatting on a cell, texting, checking your messages – none of this is acceptable yogic behavior.

Tell your teacher about any injuries

Classroom instructions are given to all the students together. Many teachers chooses to give gentle and many choose to give intense assists in class. Like in an intense class the instructor may guide you deeper into a pose or may ask you to shift your position to correct misalignment. Hence it is always suggested to inform your instructor about your injuries. 

Be aware of your space

Yoga classes are generally packed and when last-minute stragglers file in, it is obvious they will scan the room for a strategic spot to roll out their mat. Be compassionate and neighborly; allow them to make the space for them.

Avoid talking and making conversation

A yoga studio is a space for reflection, self-study, and focus. A studio maintains a quiet atmosphere and supports the frame of mind. A yoga studio is not a place to socialize. It is advised to keep the yoga hours especially for you. Avoid discussing with others and talking in the classroom.

Clean Up

If you are borrowing the studio’s mat fold it properly and place it in its allotted area. Leave your space as clean as you found while you used it.