If you love doing yoga, then you’d love being a yoga teacher. This way you stay dedicated to your practice and undoubtedly become a good yoga teacher.


5 things I love being a yoga teacher

1. Consistently practice yoga

 – Yes, it may sound too obvious, but this is one of the best things one loves about being a yoga teacher. When you are teaching yoga to other people, you are also able to strengthen your yoga practice. Being a yoga teacher gives you a chance to be on your favorite place – the yoga mat, all the time.

2. Being part of the community

 – When you become a yoga teacher, then you automatically become a part of a yoga community of like-minded people. And this is one of my favorite things about being a yoga teacher. You can then start your yoga classes or join somewhere else, organize yoga workshops. This can provide a great opportunity for people to connect and bond over yoga. 

3. Evolving your Knowledge

There is never an end to your yoga education. One of the best parts about being a yoga teacher is that the field is ever-evolving and one needs to constantly learn new things. This quest for acquiring new knowledge, discovering new practice, and sharing it with students is what makes yoga fun. This job teaches us new things – both about oneself and about yoga practice.

4. Training students

 – One of the absolutely enjoyable things about being a yoga teacher is that you can share your knowledge of yoga with your students and train them for the correct yoga postures. Teaching your students, interacting with them, solving their problems, and preventing injuries is a great feeling for every yoga teacher. It’s something that you enjoy and makes you feel content with every class.

5. Making a Difference

The greatest pleasure of being a yoga teacher is that you make a positive impact in other’s people lives through your yoga teaching. Through your yoga classes, you help students to unwind, relax and reduce their stress levels. By teaching yoga, you make a difference not only in students’ health but also in their lifestyle and attitude. Being a yoga teacher, you help students make progress in their yoga practice and thus make a significant difference in their lives.

You as a teacher, your students, and the yoga class together can support each other on the way to progress. Being a part of the yoga and community can enhance your own and your student’s wellness experience in many ways.