A yoga institution provides learning experiences to lead their students from yoga practitioners to yoga instructors. This is a journey from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge. The key role is played by the teachers in this institution that help this transformation. National Council for Teacher Education (1998) a council in quality concerns in Secondary Teacher Education mentions – The teacher is an important element in any educational process. This considers that it is wise to invest in the preparation of teachers to secure the future of a nation.


It is understood that a proficient yoga teacher who is rich in experience and knowledge will mold a yoga practice into a good yoga teacher. Teacher education means a great combination of teaching skills, good pedagogical theory, good experience to deliver professional skills. The pedagogical theory includes sociological, psychological, and philosophical knowledge that helps the student to have a sound basis for practicing teaching skills in any yoga classroom. While professional skills include techniques, strategies, and approaches that would help the teachers to grow in their profession.

Any yoga teacher training institute needs to understand the nature of teacher education 

:: International Encylopedia of Teaching and Teacher Education ( 1987), considers three phases Pre-service, Induction, and In-service. These three phases are the parts of a continuous process.
:: Teaching is an art and a science, the teacher has to acquire not only knowledge but also need to earn the skills and strategies.
:: Alike yoga teacher education any teaching program is broad.
:: Teacher training programs are ever-evolving and dynamic. To match the present need the yoga teacher training course has to keep abreast of recent developments.
:: The value of a program is in the curriculum, structure, design, organization, and transaction modes, as well as the extent of its appropriateness.
:: The crux of any yoga teacher course is in concepts and principles from other disciplines with a conceptual blending making it sufficiently specified to the subject.

The need for yoga teacher education is felt due to the following reasons
  • the length of academic preparation,
  • the level and quality of subject matter knowledge,
  • meet the needs of diverse learning situations,
  • learn the body and its functionalities
  • the degree of commitment to the profession,
  • sensitivity to contemporary issues and problems and
  • the level of motivation.
  • Most importantly to create a community of like-minded people promoting the importance of yoga.

If you are a yoga teacher training you can share with us your experience as a yoga teacher.