Yogasana Teaching Proficiency Course

Since ancient times in our Indian culture, a lot of importance has been given to the relationship between a guru (teacher) and a shishya (disciple). And it is right only, after all only a good teacher can make great students. Yoga is a lifelong journey and encompasses your spiritual, physical, and mental well-being. Undeniably, finding the right teacher is a crucial part of your yoga journey. Because a good yoga teacher will not only exercise the student’s bodies but also transform an individual at a deeper spiritual level. 

So here we have briefly listed out 5 reasons to choose a well-qualified yoga expert.

1. Proper Guidance 

Under the guidance of an expert Yogi, students will get hands-on experience of yoga and learn the best techniques. Because a great yoga instructor will not just be a teacher, but will an ardent yogi himself. So such a teacher having incorporated the best yoga practices in his or her life teaches from experience rather than sharing just bookish knowledge.


2. Individual Attention        

Generally, an experienced yoga teacher prefers to teach students in small groups say maybe 10- 15 students per batch. This way they ensure giving attention to each of their students for the correct yoga alignments, breathing exercises and explaining the theoretical part. In a small batch, students get special attention, their needs and problems are properly addressed which ultimately sharpens their yogic skills.


3. Injury-proof Yoga Asana practice        

Nowadays doing advance and more flexible yogasanas has become a common practice everywhere. People want to try complex poses of yoga. However, when you try more advance techniques of yoga without its proper knowledge or without the supervision of an experienced yoga instructor, then you might get injured. A good yoga instructor will help you master the movements and equip you with the necessary skills so as to prevent injuries during your yoga practice. Hence under the supervision of an expert yogi, you can perform in a safe environment without major injuries.


4. Provides a friendly environment        

A proficient yoga teacher creates a positive and friendly atmosphere in the class which is conducive to practice yoga and meditation. A good guru will be open and friendly with students, gives them inspiring demonstrations, and hence creates positive vibes in the class. They will help you on the road to progress.


5. Connecting with People        

What differentiates a great yoga instructor from the rest is their ability to connect with people. For a qualified yoga teacher, a student is not just a number in the class, but a human being with varied emotions. Such a teacher will find the time to listen to her students and answer their questions and will ultimately help them to connect with their essence, and guide them towards leading more meaningful lives.

When you get trained and individually guided by a highly qualified yoga teacher, then you don’t have to worry about anything. It is said, the teacher leads the student from darkness to light. In the same away, we need to find the right yoga guru who will help us outshine in this world.