As the popularity of yoga is increasing worldwide, the number of yoga teachers and training courses has risen too. Whether you wish to be a Yoga teacher in the future or simply want to delve deeper into yoga practice, it can be a daunting task to choose between diverse yoga styles and teaching methods. If you are planning to turn your passion into a career, then choosing the right yoga teacher-training program becomes very important. Here are a few things worth knowing before starting your first yoga teacher training course.

1. Yoga teacher & his experience.

Teaching yoga and training students to teach yoga are two different things. So one needs to be very careful when choosing your yoga teacher. Your yoga teacher should be experienced in not just practicing yoga but also teaching people. It is advisable to get trained under a yoga teacher with extensive knowledge and experience to deepen your understanding of yoga. For instance, at LSYT, their team comprises amazingly gifted yogis, each having their area of specialization. The online yoga teacher training course has renowned yoga masters from all over the world.


2. Defining the course objectives        

Yoga teachers should be able to set clear objectives on what skills they want their trainers to develop. They should give their students a precise understanding of the course, and the learning objectives. A good yoga teacher should provide you with a great toolkit to start your teaching. At LSYT, for example, we are dedicated to creating anatomically sharp teachers who provide a comfortable and safe yoga practice environment for their students.


3. Intensive Yoga Training       

Most yoga teacher training programs require students to train for 3-4 hours every day for the entire week. Along with the practice you need to learn the theoretical concepts of anatomy, yoga philosophy, teaching methodology, and more during the program. It is advisable to choose a training course that employs qualified and expert teachers of yoga. Because such teachers follow a strict curriculum and exhibit professional conduct.

To sum up, getting training under the right yoga instructor is important as you need to trust and respect the person who is teaching you. Ideally before choosing any yoga teacher training school, one must access their instructors, yoga styles, reviews, and many other factors.