Why online yoga classes for beginners

Do you remember the last time you decided to inculcate a new lasting habit and gave up the next day? Yoga for beginners is a challenge. Often we get so excited with an idea to start something new. But pursuing it and continuing it until it develops as a habit is a challenge. Practicing yoga is not a challenge but yoga for beginners is a challenge to be developed as a habit. 

The 3 biggest hurdles for beginner’s yoga are distractions, lack of motivation, and lack of time. As a beginner the moment you commit to forming yoga as a habit you live exciting and start browsing various videos and content. Following this content, you start good and live overwhelmed. But soon in the absence of a correct mentor to guide you, motivate you, and let you keep going you lose the charm and energy.

Yoga is gentle and calm and whoever pursues it with this calmness experiences its essence. Today almost everybody wants to do yoga. The pandemic has left numerous with emotional wellness issues, fear, mental torment, misery, and nervousness. And not to forget to mention the monetary effects. The world economy has shaken, leaving everybody anxious about their future. 

Many experts have accepted and suggested yoga as one of the best practices to deal with this crisis. The United Nations explained on its website as a message of the practice to promote both physical and mental health. Despite this awareness and faith in yoga, beginners find it difficult to continue it. 

Dr. Ritesh Patel yoga teacher trainer and yoga therapy teacher trainer understood the need for an hour at the threshold of the pandemic and started his Beginners Online Yoga Classes. His 21 years of teaching yoga helped many practitioners in forming yoga as a lifestyle. Many of them who started in lockdown as beginners to his online yoga classes have now chosen yoga as their career. He is the founder-director Life Spring Yoga and a yoga therapist as well. Join online classes with Dr. Ritesh Patel and experience yoga in its authentic form. 

He understands the obstacles of the beginners very well hence has designed his online yoga classes to overcome them. As a mentor he motivates his students, preventing them from falling for those difficult postures at the very beginning. And losing their heart one day believing that yoga is not their cup of tea. He educates his students with the functional engagement of every nerve and muscle. This helps the students to bring awareness in their practice and keeps them away from distractions. He suggests and guides a correct diet helping his student to cope with the initial anxiety of starting new. His vision for the yoga as lifestyle keeps the participants on an auto motivation; setting healthy goals for life. 

So if you have yet not started with yoga it’s still not late. Call us now and book for your beginner’s online yoga classes.