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Yoga for Corporates

Life Spring Yoga Institute is actively engaged in Wellness programs. Our Wellness workshop serves and promotes various wellness programs. Increasing demanding schedules and high-stress levels leads to depression and anxiety disorder. The wide-ranging effects like daytime fatigue, physical discomfort, psychological stress, performance deterioration, and increased absenteeism are major concerns of the corporates today.

A survey says around 40.5 percent of the corporate employees sleep less than 6 hours a day due to high-stress levels. This has resulted in the number of employees from the corporate world who seek yoga classes up by about 35-40 percent. All these have resulted to the extent that, workplace wellness programs have increased and are listed at the top in the priority list of HR. Management well understands that yoga is more than the body movements and practicing yoga results employee’s loyalty improves work performance boosts productivity and reduces the attrition rate.

When Life Spring Yoga Institute plans the Yoga works shops it understands the limitations of carrying yoga in the workplace. We plan yoga workshops in a way that it helps employees to form yoga as a habit of life. The founder Director Dr. Ritesh Patel adds knowledge and information and makes our packages more valuable to help the right posture training and prescribes the correct asana to be followed in the daily schedule.
Choose our Yoga Workshops and learn the balance between career, family, and other commitments. You can call us or write us