A certified yoga teacher training course should have a minimum of 300 hundred-hour learnings and practice. If you are planning to choose yoga as your career and you want to become certified to teach yoga at the most basic level. The first step is to take action. 



To grow to be certified as a set yoga instructor you can take 12-14 weeks, relying on the program. Don’t forget that closer to the end of any YIC you may not change into an organized yoga trainer or specialist. The strategy to stay ahead in any field is to match the ever-changing world. Today every individual is living a silent competition with others on social media. While you’ll have to deal with the anxiety and depression of these students. Keeping yourself calm and collective and not competing with other Yoga Instructors, but yourself would be yet big challenge.

The key to success would be knowledge. The more you read, practice, and spread awareness for this holy subject. The more you will grow as a yoga instructor. The conscious updates will eventually incline you toward spiritual learning by listening to your mentor or guru you will follow. Learning is a lifetime process. The more quickly you will accept this humble, curious mind-seeking knowledge the fast you will see your graph rising as a yoga teacher trainer.

Dr. Ritesh Patel is practicing yoga for more than 23 years and has been a certified instructor for two decades. The admiration, respect, and acknowledgment that he gets from his students are for the commitment and dedication he lived. He is always a learner. After completing his BAMS, Graduation in Ayurvedic Medicine from Government Ayurvedic College Gwalior, MP. He pursued MSc in yoga therapy from Swami Vivekananda yoga ansusandhan sansthan, Banglore. Continuing his practice and love for spreading the awareness about yoga in his students he did his PG diploma in Wellness management from Apollo Hospital education and research foundation, Hyderabad.

The idea is to explain to you it is not the certificate that will make you a yoga teacher. It is the journey that you will choose to continue after completion of the course that will make you a specialist one day. LifeSpring Yoga Institute offers yoga teacher training courses and workshops online as well as offline. If you are planning to pursue a yoga teacher course. 3 advice before choosing a yoga teacher training course can help you. 

 ” Life Spring Yoga Anusandhan Samsthan is 11 years old affiliate of Vivekanand yoga anusandhan samsthan Banglore.” This course will serve you with class templates and disciplines. This helps you to start yoga classes immediately after finishing your course. You will be introduced to teaching methodology and practically practice teaching while on the course – giving you detailed feedback which can fine-tune your teaching skills before having to face the ‘real world’. Under the given condition it is also possible to get an opportunity to listen to the wise words from the spiritual guru followed by Dr. Ritesh Patel

17th Yoga Instructor Course has already started. If you have missed an opportunity to join this. Take an action now and register yourself for the upcoming yoga instructor course in January, 22.