Yogasana Antomy Workshop Elevate Your Yoga Teaching with In-Depth Insights

If you’re passionate about yoga and want to understand how your body works, this workshop is for you. Join us for a journey into the human body and discover how you can improve your practice and deepen your connection to your body. We’ll cover the Muscle Recruitment Mastery, Muscle Awakening,Secrets of Alignment:, and much more.

Reasons to know about anatomy as a yoga teacher

Building Strong Foundatiion

Dr. Ritesh Patel, an International Yoga Teacher Trainer, Yoga Therapist, has over 21 years of experience as a Yoga Instructor and more than 12 years as a yoga teacher trainer.

Yoga Anatomy Workshop in Vadodara. Available online too

I recently finished a 20hr YOGASANA TEACHING PROFICIENCY WORKSHOP with Dr. Ritesh Patel, a very comprehensive and into depth dive into traditional yoga. I could get acces to more knowledge about asana and mindfulness, focus and resilience. Our teacher was very clear and explained all the postures with their benefits, interdictions and variations.

How engaging/activating/using all the muscles at one time could make such a big difference in overall posture of my asana , particularly my knee and shoulder felt more firmer ,stronger, engaged, balanced with each session !! Hope to see more of such insightful and knowledgeable workshops in future !! My best wishes are always with you Ritesh bhaiya 🙏🏼!! Keep growing !! Keep shining !!



Swami Ramdev Maharaj with Dr. Ritesh Patel, Yoga Teacher Trainer Vadodara
yoga institute vadodara - founders

In a powerful partnership, a dedicated couple is strengthening the pillars of Life Spring Yoga Institute in Vadodara since 2007.

Recently I have finished two great courses, “Yogic counselling and yogic psychotherapy” and “Yogasana teaching proficiency workshop”. For me it was an amazing experience each time. Both workshops contributed to my personal and professional development and helped me get the confidence to start my teaching journey, which until recently seemed impossible. The explanations were clear, detailed and every single question was answered by the teacher. I would like to thank dr. Ritesh Patel and all the other faculties for providing me such am extraordinary training. Namaste.


An authentic traditional Yoga studio which caters to all the needs of participants; takes them to their next realm of progress- physically, psychologically and spiritually. I have observed very few schools teaching classical yoga with science & philosophy as its means and basis, one among which is life spring yoga institute. The teachers make the studio into a huge institution with their impeccable knowlege and great experience where all colours of Yoga are absorbed. Kudos to their headway


Yoga Therapy classes online
Dr.Ritesh wth Dr. Nagendra SVYASA - Banglore

He serves as a visiting faculty at S-VYASA Singapore and Adi Yoga Hanoi and Vietnam, and is a valued member of The International Association of Yoga Therapist (IAYT).


20 Hours to 2 Hours

Having trained under expert Yoga Masters, Dr. Ritesh Patel’s expertise is evident in his teaching and yoga therapies.


Online Yoga Classes

Recently i had attended their online functional anatomy classes for yoga by Riteshji…….and it was really a wonderful experience.As earlier i was doing yoga by having only superficial knowledge based on instructions only.


 am very grateful for the Yogasana workshop and Yoga Therapy Course. I feel it worked deep in my body and mind. It will work in me even longer perhaps in my whole life. I appreciate the way Dr. Ritesh teaches and the way he works on the processes. This way one can connect with her/his inner intelligence. Students are very happy with my classes and backpains dissappear for one week if they attend classes, if they come regularly the pain dissappears totally.
Great thanks! 🙏Namaste😊


International Yoga TEacher Trainer - Dr.Ritesh Patel
Yoga anatomy workshop starts this septemeber 2023

Experience these invaluable takeaways and transform your teaching approach through a workshop that bridges the gap between theory and practice