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Affiliated to Vivekanand yoga Anusandhan sansthan , Banglore world pioneer in yoga research and education. This is a course which can transform life .
The self yoga teaching course.

Renowned yoga masters from all over the world

Yoga Teacher Trainer - Sri Anil Sarode ji
Sri Anil Sarode
Yoga Teacher Trainer - Sri Manoj Thakur
Sri Manoj Thakur
Dr. Ritesh Patel
Yoga Teacher Trainer - Dr. Lalitha Gaurav
Dr. Lalitha Gaurav
Yoga Teacher Trainer - Dr. Kuldeep
Dr. Kuldeep
Yoga Teacher Trainer - Sri Nishant Dixit
Sri Nishant Dixit
Yoga Teacher Trainer - Mrs. Poonam Patel
Mrs. Poonam Patel
Yoga Teacher Trainer - Master Karan Gantara
Master Karan Gantara

Course Highlights

::  Applied yoga philosophy
::  Practices 
:: Techniques of Asana and its teaching
:: Functional Yogasana Anatomy
:: Breathing and Pranayama teaching
:: Cleansing Technique
:: Meditation teaching practice 
:: Designing a yoga class


:: Art Of Observation
:: Demonstration
:: Adjustments 
:: Practice of Teaching Yoga
:: Profession and business in yoga
:: Process of learning
:: Values and Ethics in yoga
:: Resources

Life Spring Yoga Institute

:: Yoga Institute in Vadodara Since 2007
:: Founder Dr. Ritesh Patel – Co Founder Mrs. Poonam Patel
:: Recommended by India Times (twice) as the best Wellness Studio – Yoga Institute in Vadodara – 2012 & 2014
:: Dr. Ritesh Patel most recommended yoga teacher in Singapore, Hanoi and Vadoara
:: Mrs. Poonam Patel with 17+ years as Yoga Instructor Experience.

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