Vadodara yoga

Fundamental of Yogasana Practice

Duration: 8 hours


Body to soul- (Mastering Yoga asana for teaching) Workshop

Integrating Body, mind and breath in every posture to experience meditative is the purpose of the fundamental of Yoga asana  workshop. This requires subtle alignments at the physical level, deep awareness at the mental level, and sufficient space for breathing.  This all is possible when we practice asana in a very specific way.

All the asana practices are meant to bring progress in the life of the practitioner. Involving the physical aspect of life to reach the highest level is possible through asana too if you practice in a way which we are going to experience here in the workshop.

 This workshop will include intense Yoga asana practice involving all the subtle aspects of asanas. Alignments, breathing, sensing the information, cavities, symmetry, focus, muscles, joints, awakening, recruiting etc.


  • Standing asana
  • Sitting asana
  • Prone asana           
  • Supine asana            
  • Inversion asana

Balancing asana   

Why Join This Workshop:

  • Exploring the soul through the body – An ultimate experience of asana for self-practice and teaching.
  • The skill of connecting the musculoskeletal system to the respiratory system and nervous system.
  • Basics of how to Prevent injury during yoga asana practice
  • Create an optimal functioning, healing and spiritual environment through asana practice.
  • Skill to teach an asana in a subtle way to experience at a deeper level to take the maximum yogic benefits of it. This workshop will lay the foundation for yoga therapy by giving a deep understanding of the body in respect of movements, alignments,  awakening and recruiting of muscles, breath work, awareness etc.

Suggested For:
Yoga instructors, Teachers and seasoned Practitioners