Vadodara yoga

Yoga Asana - Functional Anatomy

Functional Anatomy of Yoga asana – A Professional Development Workshop

Why Join This

✅ Sharing 20 years of knowledge and experience.
✅ To not repeat and commit the same mistakes as most Yoga teachers do.
✅ For maximum benefits of participants or clients.
✅ To provide injury-proof Yoga Asana practice
✅ Developing x-ray vision – the ability to see beyond the external movements.
✅ To know maximum about human body structure as it applies to Asana practice
✅ To develop the ability to deconstruct, reconstruct and analyze or assess any Asana
✅ To understand the fundamentals behind different kind of bodies
✅ Ability to provide an appropriate solution to Yoga asana practitioner according to their limitation and strength
✅ Ensuring the best experience in Asana practice.
✅ Improvement of Asana teaching skills immediately
✅ A sure help in career enhancement
✅ The workshop is a bridge between traditional yoga concepts and modern science-based concepts of yoga
✅ Knowledge which will keep you ahead of other yoga professionals
✅ Actual knowledge and science of yoga asanas beyond the outer movements
✅ Techniques to overcome the difficulties in yoga asana practice
✅ The practice of approx 50 Yogasana from an anatomical point of view
✅ A well structured and defined course material
✅ A strong base for yoga Asana practice and teaching
✅ Building the foundation for therapeutic yoga
✅ Learning of language to communicate with other healthcare professionals
✅ Learning of terminology to understand the yoga anatomy research and literature available.

Suggested For
Yoga Teacher and Yoga Practitioners